Verification code
By admin | Created at 2020-10-01

Verification code

What is the verification code?

A verification code is the most safe and healthy way to protect your device from being hacked or abused by internet robots or any sort of abusing system.

When you activate a new account, website, application or even a device you will be vulnerable to be hacked and your personal information could be in anyone hands if you didn’t choose the right way of protection.

There are many forms of verification code but each and every type of it lead to the same result “Safety” and “Privacy”.    

Who must use a verification code and why?

If you have a website, internet account, smart phone or any sort of new technology you MUST have the verification code service.

This service targets everyone because safety and privacy don’t belong to one level, it’s everyone right to be secured.

When you log in to a new account\website from your device your personal information could be used in the black market if you don’t protect it very well. If you are a female you could be blackmailed by someone who stole your private photos, records or any professional document and if you are a male you could be blackmailed by someone who stole your private or business documents.

By the verification code you will avoid every and each type of abusing.


How to use a verification code?

When you catch the opportunity and get the service of the “verification code”, you will finally be 100% safe and sound.

To activate this service all you have to do is following these steps:

1-sign in with your new account\website

2-check the notification’s bar and surf the website

3-enter the verification code which is shown in your messages

4-Stay safe!


How to solve problems in your verification code?

Stay in a place where the internet signal and the networks are strong enough to receive the message and type the code very fast.

Due to some network problems you could receive more than code, so all you have to do is to put only the last one.

Stay alert to your phone so you could catch up the latest message fast.

Make sure that you entered the right phone number in the first place to avoid not receiving the right message.